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 Hi8 Tape Digital Re-mastering service

Hi8 was a popular home camcorder format which was introduced as a higher definition version of Video 8. If you have Hi8 recordings from the 90s and early 2000s then it is vital to transfer them to a digital format in order to save them from being forever lost. The tapes can degrade over time and may suffer from damp, mold and magnetic loss so its important to digitise the footage as soon as possible.

Our transfer service is much more than a simple tape to DVD copy.

First of all we dont normally supply a DVD - the reason for this is that a DVD can only hold a limited amount of data and can only be watched by the person who has the disc. A DVD will also degrade over time so it defeats the object of transfering from video !
 However we would be delighted to supply a DVD if you specifically require this.

You will receive the footage digitised into a format that can be watched on any device as well as your home PC or TV.

The files are also shareable. This means family and friends can watch it via the internet and social media websites such as Facebook and Youtube should you wish.

Youtube allows you to upload video files and keep them restricted  if you wish so only the people you share it with will see it. Its a great free service and also means that your video will be backed up as an extra security for the future.

Our digital capture system uses sophisticated hardware to play your tapes. We pass the video signal through a signal amplifier and time base corrector to help reconstruct lossy signals before being recorded as a digital file.

Once we have the video in our computer, part two of the process begins..

The digital video file is imported into our re-mastering suite, where we apply noise reduction and upscaling to bring out the very best quality from your tapes. Video noise can sometimes take the form of grainy, washed out and fuzzy images. The software works out what it thinks the image should look like by sampling before and after the subject frames and also applies filters to enhance the quality of the scene. This processing can take several hours to complete, but the results can make your videos much nicer to watch.

Once all of this is complete we will email you a download link so you can watch your video immediately rather than having to wait for the results to be sent in the post.

If you prefer we can copy the files onto a memory stick which will be sent back to you with your original tapes - see our other listings for this service.
Either way, you will receive your tapes back via a tracked service so you retain the master analogue videos.

Once we receive your order we will contact you and ask you to send the tapes to us. When they are delivered to us we will book them into our system and contact you again to confirm receipt.

To purchase this service please select the number of tapes you have and click buy it now. 

Will I receive my tapes back?
Yes we always return your original tapes to you.

How are the tapes returned?
We send them via a trackable courier to your door.

What resolution are the tapes captured in ?
The video digitising resolution is HD
​Output quality is limited by the original source material.

What aspect ratio are the tapes rendered in?
We render in 16:9 ratio as the majority of modern TVs and monitors use 16:9 We don't clip or zoom into the image so a 4:3 aspect film will have two vertical bars to retain the full original image data.

Do you lock the files to prevent duplication?
No, you are free to duplicate the files or create a DVD yourself should you wish to.

Can I upload my films to Youtube?
Yes the files provided are compatible with Youtube, Vimeo etc and can be shared on facebook, twitter and other social networks.

Can you transfer other formats?
Yes we can scan 8mm 9.5mm and 16mm cine film as well as VHS and other camcorder formats such as MiniDV and audio tape.
Do you do anything else?
Moviescan is our primary business and we also promote our Luxury Villa in Spain on our listings.

What experience do you have?
30 years in the digital imaging industry.

Do you supply a DVD?
This listing is for a download, we can also supply a DVD for a small charge if you prefer, however the files will be compressed. See our other listings for supplying the files onto a USB Stick

Does it matter how long the recording is on the tape?
We dont charge any extra if the tape is half empty or full or even if it was recorded in LP (Long Play) mode, its priced per tape.

My tape is Video 8 not Hi8 can I use this service?
​Yes video 8 are priced the same as Hi8

The postage covers our return delivery to you via courier and each additional tape costs just 1p
To purchase this service please select the number of tapes you have and click buy it now. 

Thanks for looking.
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